Conferencing Catering
At No. 25 we can cater for group sizes of 10 – 60 guests for a conferences and briefings. We have full onsite technical and Av facilities available on site. Please contact us to discuss your requirements 01 6694646 /

Sample Conference Menu

On Arrival / Mid Morning / Afternoon Refreshments

Freshly Brewed Tea & Coffee €2.95 per person

Selection of Tea: €3.50 per person
Green ¦ Peppermint ¦Earl Grey ¦ Red Berry ¦ Camomile

Freshly Brewed Tea & Coffee with:

–     Selection of Pastries  €5.45 per person

–     Freshly Baked Scones served with Butter and Preserves €6.45 per person

–     Homemade Cookies  €4.95 per person

Glass of Fresh Juice   €3.25 per person

Jug of Fresh Juice   €13.25 per jug

Seasonal Fruit Basket €4.00 per person

(Seasonal Selection of Whole Fruit)

Fresh Fruit Salad  €6.00 per person

(Bowl of Fresh Cut Fruit Pieces)

*Both of the above options are available for a minimum of 6 people

Granola and Yogurt   €6.00 per person 

Lunch Options

Homemade Soup & Freshly Baked Brown Bread   €6.95 per person

Selection of Sandwiches of the Day (served on Waterford Blaa)    €10.50 per person

Selection of Sandwiches with Small Portion of Soup   €13.50 per person


Grilled Vegetable Salad, Roquefort and Truffle Dressing, Hazelnuts, Mesclun Salad    €11.50 per person

Annagassan Smoked Salmon Salad, Pickled Cucumber, Horseradish, Croutons  €12.50 per person    

Chicken Caesar Salad €12.50 per person

Please note that all conferencing catering prices are ex VAT at 9% and 23%

Breakfast Menu
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